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IYILS Workshops
The Blanket Exercise

Blanket Exercise facilitated by the Innovative Young Indigenous Leaders Symposium (IYILS) team.


The Blanket Exercise was developed by KAIROS ( ), the social justice arm of the United Church alongside the AFN Women’s Council. It was developed following the landmark report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and is an excellent tool that literally walks participants through the history of relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada.


It is an impactful experiential learning opportunity that highlights lesser known Indigenous histories in Canada and contributes to people’s learning in a gentle and insightful way.  The IYILS team has developed and adapted their own version of the Blanket Exercise that they use in their workshops.  


The IYILS team is equipped with experienced facilitators and they have done the Blanket Exercise with government executive and staff from across the Provincial government, with University staff and students, and with local organizations.

If you or your organization is interested in having our team facilitate a Blanket Exercise for you, please contact Nicole Neidhardt at

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